Salary & Negotiation Resources
External Job Search & Career Management Tools

Students often wonder whether they should try to negotiate for higher compensation, signing bonus, and/or other perks. There is no simple answer to this situation. You must do your research to determine if the salary is in the market range.


  • Indeed Salary Search
  • Payscale – Salary Negotiation Guide
  • Post-MBA Salary Calculator – Sourced from the GMAC (2015) Alumni Perspectives Survey
  • QuintCareers – A collection of various salary negotiation resources.
  • Riley Guide – Links to a variety of online resources for comparing salary information, and for turning the statistics into actionable insights.
  • – Comprehensive website for salary information. Research salaries in a variety of industries and geographic areas.


Also, consult the most current placement report for current salary averages by industry, function and region. Talk to your career counselor to get additional help with salary information and negotiation techniques.