Stress Interviews
Effective Interviewing Guide

During a stress interview the interviewer deliberately creates a charged, threatening atmosphere; contradicts or argues with the candidate; or changes conversational courses without warning to create tension in the candidate.

  • Consulting and investment banking firms most often use these techniques. Professionals in those organizations are continually faced with stressful situations and the interviewer wants to determine how you will react to those conditions.
  • Often the interviewer will use the “4 WHY” approach. You will be asked a question and immediately after you respond, you will be asked a WHY question on the same subject. This may continue four or five times. No matter how you respond, the information is apparently insufficient.
  • The secret of success is to stay calm and not let the interviewer fluster you. Pause briefly after the question, consider your answer and deliver it pleasantly. Stress interviewing requires being a good listener and giving a deliberate response. Don’t lose your cool!