TA, MGP/T/B 268, Fall 2017
4 positions open

The Graduate School of Management is accepting applications for a TA appointment during the Fall Quarter of 2017.   This appointment is for Lecturer Daniel Kennedy, Articulation and Critical Thinking (MGT/B/P 268)

1 position open in the full-time program
1 position open in the Sacramento program
2 positions open in the San Ramon program

Course Description (268):
Develop competency in business writing and oral presentations. Build critical thinking skills. Topics include behavioral economics, false claims, deductive and inductive reasoning, correlation/causality, business ethics. Formerly titled “Management Communications”. Course name/description change under review by Academic Senate.

TA duties and responsibilities include:
  • Collect, grade, enter, and return student submitted deliverables in a timely manner.

  • Respond to student questions relating to assignments and topics covered in the course.

  • Review all class notes and syllabus and stay abreast of all class announcements and due dates.

  • (Online) Office Hours are optional and flexible (at the discretion of the Professor and TA)

  • Send reminders to students as needed for assignment due dates, absences, or late deliverables.

  • Assist the Professor with grading of exams.

  • Assist the Professor with establishing and managing group project teams.

  • Assist the Professor with monitoring project progress throughout the Quarter. 

  • Ensure that students submit project deliverables by the assigned dates for each class section.

  • Streamline, aggregate, and organize Professor’s feedback to students on project documents and other deliverables.

Desired Qualifications:
Students who have excelled in this class previously are preferred.

This appointment is listed as 25% (i.e. 10 hours per week)

If interested, please complete the (Teaching Assistant Application) to