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Sponsor Projects: How It Works

We partner with sponsor companies to identify specific project opportunities based on the sponsor’s needs and requirements. 

Our approach is to encourage constructive collaboration between the sponsor and the MBA teams to address a clear and specific challenge or explore a distinct business opportunity.

Hand-Picked MBA Team Assembled

Once selected for engagement, the project is assigned to a team of MBA students whose strengths and interests match the scope and need of the effort. Projects typically involve areas such strategic planning, operational analysis, market opportunity assessment and organizational effectiveness, and vary based on the sponsor’s situation.

Discovery, Analysis & Conclusions

Project duration corresponds with the 10-week academic quarter, and is split in two phases, the first focused on research and discovery, and the second on analysis, conclusions and results presentation. The student team meets regularly with the corporate sponsor and works under the guidance of a faculty advisor, meeting at least once a week to track progress. The advisor plays a critical role as a sounding board for the students’ ideas and conclusions.

Project Progress

Based upon the initial scope that is developed with the Director and Faculty Advisor, projects kick-off with an initial project launch meeting in the first week of the academic quarter. An interim meeting occurs at the midway point to discuss initial research insights and discuss any course-correction that might be needed; a final report and presentation of the team’s findings are presented at the project’s conclusion.

Critical to the success of any engagement is a commitment by the sponsor to devote the necessary time and resources to the project, and to provide the internal information necessary for the teams to understand and address the opportunity. All confidential information is protected by a nondisclosure agreement. Participation in the program is contingent upon a $10,000 qualifying donation, which allows sponsor companies membership into our Business Partnership Program.

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