Jason Masino
Staff Profile

Jason Masino
Career Development Operations Manager

Jason Masino began his UC Davis career as an undergraduate student and in 2010 earned a degree in dramatic art with a focus on performance studies. Upon graduation, he became a temporary employee with the university and spent nine months at the UC Davis Health System campus in Sacramento.

After a temporary assignment with Summer Sessions (Office of the Vice Provost – Undergraduate Education) in 2011, Masino was brought on as program assistant in 2012 and was quickly promoted to program manager in the same year. In this position, Masino managed a variety of accounting, business and marketing-related tasks and operational activities. He was instrumental in the development of a web-based business application used across campus for Summer Sessions instructional appointments, conducted the business analysis that ensured the system would meet the colleges’ needs, and promoted efficiency in the personnel processes that support Summer Sessions instruction.

In June 2016 Masino joined the Graduate School of Management as the operations manager for the career development unit. Masino manages the unit’s technology and operations; ensures effective delivery of critical, high-level programming, events and activities that support MBA students and employers; oversees the strategic development and implementation of multiple databases; and provides analytical support and statistical research for both career development and student affairs.