Kristoffer Wihlborg
Staff Profile

Kristoffer Wihlborg
Associate Director of Admissions, Sacramento MBA

Kristoffer Wihlborg joined the UC Davis Graduate School of Management as an Associate Director of Admissions in 2018, with responsibility for the Part-Time Sacramento MBA program. He recently graduated from the Full-Time MBA program and was a former ambassador for the program.

Kristoffer works alongside candidates throughout the admissions process, implementing recruiting programs, processing applications and ensuring that prospective students have a quality experience. Kristoffer is also working on extending the corporate relationships and organizational partnerships for the UC Davis Graduate School of Management in the Sacramento area.

Kristoffer comes from Sweden and has a large interest in sailing, motorsports, and skiing. All require a different location and season, which is why he came to Northern California in the first place; its one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy all three.

He has crossed the Atlantic Ocean on both airplanes and sailing boats, and when things seem uncertain and scary, remember what Christopher Columbus said: “You can never cross an ocean without losing sight of the shore”.