Genix Zhan MBA 17
Visa Inc.

Current Position

  • Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Systems Strategy Group at Visa Inc. (Current)
  • Finance Supervisor, Global Revenue Operations Group at Visa Inc. (Past role)
  • Financial Analyst, Motion Pictures Finance Group at Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Student Leadership and Activities

  • UC Davis MBA Bay Area Ambassador

Previous Degree

  • B.A. in Economics, UCLA

Fast Facts

  • Love traveling. Had 10-month long backpack traveling experience.
  • Love cooking. Always enjoy preparing and creating world class cuisine.
  • Prior experiences in Motion Pictures Entertainment industry.

How will this degree help you in your career?

I believe the marketing and entrepreneurial knowledge paired with the UC Davis MBA will leave me a deep understanding of today’s business world. By immersing myself in the private equity industry after graduation, I hope to learn as much as possible about how a firm is managed. This experience should prepare me well for my long-term goal.