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“Fairness in Artificial Intelligence”
Hosted by Women in Leadership and Bishop Ranch

As we harness the power of AI, machine learning, and data science throughout many aspects of society and Microsoft systems and products, we need to consider the larger issues with AI.

These techniques raise complex ethical and social questions: How can we best use AI to assist users and offer enhanced insights, while avoiding exposing them to discrimination in health, housing, law enforcement, and employment? How can we balance the need for efficiency and exploration with fairness and sensitivity to users? As we move toward relying on intelligent agents in our everyday lives, how do we ensure that individuals and communities can trust these systems?


Alana WashingtonAlana Washington, Capital One

Alana Washington is a design leader and strategist. Currently, she’s a design manager on the Data Experience Design team at Capital One. The DXD team is mix of Data Visualization and Physical Experience Designers tasked with bridging online/offline touchpoints to build a feedback loop between asking and understanding. She’s also leading a “Fairness in AI” initiative – pulling together stakeholders from across the organization to unify and amplify Capital One’s thought leadership in this space. She was recently featured as one of InVision’s “6 of the Most Influential Women in UX Today” and she was profiled in a project called “28 Days of Black Designers”. 


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