For Students & Alumni

GSM Connects!
12:15-12:45 pm via Zoom

Join the GSM community for a casual virtual gathering.

Join via Zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 982 6834 9580

The theme is Ergonomics! This is a resource for the GSM community. Bring your lunch and let’s learn how to make our work stations at home more ergonomic.

We are excited to have Hamid Fonooni, Ph.D., CPE , as our guest. 

FonooniFonooni has been the Director of the UCD Ergonomics Program since 2016. He will provide us all with an overview of ergonomic work stations and best practices to make our work stations more comfortable and ergonomic. He will then answer any specific questions we might have.

“The good news is that most, if not all, ergonomics injuries are preventable.”

If you are experiencing eye strain, sore wrists, neck and shoulder stiffness or numb calves, please join us and share your strains and pains. We may be able to provide some advice that could help.

The event will be a short overview of Ergonomic best practices, followed by questions from our students, staff and faculty who may need assistants restructuring their home work stations.

Our very own Steven Escobar, Business Office Analyst and Facilities Manager for Gallagher Hall,  will be on hand to assist with any questions you may have and is a future resource for the GSM community.