Webinar: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Learn about the innovative Graduate School of Management programs and what attracts trailblazers to our programs.

Hear from current students and staff about how the Graduate School of Management’s prime location and collaborative culture creates an environment conducive to transformation and creates entrepreneurial opportunities.


Andrew B. Hargadon Andrew Hargadon, Professor of Technology Management

Professor Hargadon has written extensively on innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly the commercialization science and technology and the management of research and development.

Hargadon is at the forefront of teaching, research and practice in cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship, and is founding director of two key centers at UC Davis—the Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Energy Efficiency Center.

Karen Harding-Davis Karen Harding-Davis, Program Coordinator, Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Harding-Davis is the Program Coordinator for the Institute and the lead staff member for the Big Bang! Business Competition. She is responsible for leading outreach and recruiting for prospective participants for all Institute programs.

She comes to the Institute from AspenPointe, where she served as the Director of Business Development for their social enterprise café. She was responsible for engaging community stakeholders and educating the general public about their café, catering services, and culinary training program for at-risk youth, veterans and people with disabilities.

Ishita Ghai Ishita Ghai, Full-Time MBA 20

Ghai is the Director of the UC Davis Ambassadors Program, and active member of Women in Leadership, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association.

She earned Master’s in Education in International Education Policy from Harvard University and was previously a Curriculum and Delivery Consultant at the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship in India.

Online via Zoom