eos: A Lifelong Learning Community

eos: A Lifelong Learning Community

Inspired by the Greek goddess of dawn, eos (pronounced “ee-ohs”) is more than just a community—it's a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to foster ongoing professional development.

Eos is an interactive space where UC Davis Graduate School of Management alumni and students can share thought leadership commentary, contribute to discussions and gain different perspectives from other GSM community members.

Maximize Your Potential

  • Explore professional development with our extensive online MBA video library.
  • Discover insights from faculty, lecturers, and guest speakers.
  • Connect with alumni and peers through our directory.
  • Participate in business and management discussions.
  • Organize and attend events, both virtual and in-person.
  • Engage in professional advice exchanges.
  • Access over 1,600 courses and certificates for premium members via edX. Explore the edX Catalog >
Watch the video to learn more about our lifelong learning community.


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