Poets&Quants: UC Davis Thought Leadership Video Series

Emeritus Distinguished Professor Paul Griffin on Business Risks

Paul A. Griffin loves risks. He shares his academic journey studying business risks, from scandals and wildfires to climate change and the impact of financial disclosure rules to inform investors. 

Professor Emerita Kimberly Elsbach Explores Organizational Behavior from NASCAR Fans to The Cattle Industry

From NASCAR fans and remote workers to the cattle industry and creative designers, Elsbach shares her research on social psychology, self-perception and behavior in organizations.

Distinguished Professor Hemant Bhargava: Facebook. Google. Uber. Netflix. Tesla. What do they all share in common?

They are highly successful and disruptive businesses based on platform economics. It’s a topic that Bhargava knows inside out. Recently honored with INFORMS Information System Society’s President’s Service Award, Bhargava leads the Center for Analytics and Technology in Society at the school.

From Authors to Career Switchers: Professor Greta Hsu on Market Category Constraints

Greta Hsu, whose pioneering organizational research takes a deep dive into “categorical stickiness” and how moviemakers, tobacco companies, and book authors position themselves in the market.

From Apple to Academia: Professor Andrew Hargadon on Innovation

UC Davis Graduate School of Management Professor Andrew Hargadon, a leading expert in entrepreneurship, shares how network drives innovation to help solve the world’s complex social and economic challenges.