Career Tracks

Career Tracks

Designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills and network to excel

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management Career Track program is a dynamic blend of rigorous academic study and career development support. Designed to prepare future leaders in high-demand roles, this program arms you with the strategic, analytical, and leadership prowess necessary for success.

Over the course of your MBA journey, you'll gain invaluable skills for excelling in your future career and you'll also receive essential tools and guidance for navigating the job search and interview process with confidence.

Empowering Student Success

 Academic Curriculum

Elective courses focus on the essential knowledge and skills across various industries, including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods.

 Career and Professional Development

Enhance your communication and soft skills, along with industry insights, through workshops, coaching, and career exploration events.

 Student Involvement

Join campus clubs and attend industry events to deepen your exposure to careers.

Participants will:

  • Acquire comprehensive functional and industry insights.
  • Develop key soft skills like collaboration, articulation, and critical thinking through targeted interviews, workshops, and networking events.
  • Integrate academic learning with career development in daily activities, fostering a strong community among industry partners and fellow students.

Career Development and Professional Opportunities

Access to Industry, Career and Networking Events

Increase your industry exposure and make meaningful connections while learning about your target industries and career functions.

Small Group Workshops

Collaborate closely with industry experts and fellow students.

Asynchronous Career Modules

Access resources at your convenience–available 24/7.

Large Classroom Discussions

Engage in dynamic conversations with a diverse group of peers.

1:1 Career Coaching

Personalized guidance for your unique journey from career exploration and career pivots/transitions to polishing your resume/cover letter and participating in mock interviews.

Access to the UC Davis Alumni Network

Tap into a powerful network of successful alumni.

Engage with Student Clubs

Build your network and contribute to the community through student clubs.