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MBA Scholarships

MBA Scholarships

MBA Scholarships

Your MBA represents a significant investment in your future. A variety of financial aid programs are available.

All candidates are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships based on their admissions application. Criteria include academic record (undergraduate record, GMAT/GRE), professional promise and focus. Details regarding scholarships are included in the official admissions offer letter.

Scholarships for Incoming Admitted Students

Dolan Family Management Education Award - $4,250

Established by Eamonn and Kathleen Dolan, this award supports Full-Time, Bay Area Part-Time, or Sacramento Part-Time MBA students who have overcome significant financial hardships or other obstacles.  Selection shall be based upon a statement submitted by an applicant or a student who has overcome, or is currently facing, a significant personal financial hardship or other obstacles in their lifetime (disability or tragic family circumstance, etc.). For additional clarification and to provide an example, while some students may have parents who faced financial hardship, the Award is intended for students who have experienced, financial hardship personally and directly.  Preference given to a student who graduated from a high school located in one of the following geographic areas (in order of priority): 1) City of Oakland; 2) Contra Costa County or Alameda County; or 3) State of California. (est. 2013)

Joncarlo and Jami Mark Scholarship - $2,200

Established by Joncarlo Mark MBA 00, and his wife Jami Rubin-Mark, this scholarship is to assist in recruiting outstanding students with financial needs to help ease their burden of educational expenses such as books and information technology that will enable them to thrive in the MBA program. The scholarship is available for both full-time and part-time students (est. 2019).

Kenneth E. and Joanne M. Nitzberg Scholarship - $2,500 over 2 years 

In appreciation for what UC Davis has meant to them, Ken and Joanne Nitzberg made this gift especially to benefit re-entry women students in the full or part-time (Bay Area and Sacramento) MBA programs.  The two-year endowed fellowship honors Ken’s mother who returned to finish her college education after raising her family (est. 1998).  

Richard and Joy Dorf Endowed Fellowship, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative - $4,000

Established by Richard C. and Joy M. Dorf, this award supports students in the full time or part-time (Bay Area and Sacramento) MBA programs or the MPAc program from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds defined as students from low-income backgrounds as defined by the Graduate Financial Aid Office and for students who have demonstrated potential for leadership in increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities in business (est. 2015).

Richard and Joy Dorf Endowed Graduate Award, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation - $2,500

Established by Professor Emeritus Dick Dorf and his wife, Joy, this award assists in recruiting outstanding students for the Full-Time MBA program (est. 2013).

Zaiss Ventures Fellowship - $4,000

Established by Zaiss Ventures to provide support to outstanding students in the Full Time-MBA program (est. 2015).

Regional Scholarships for Incoming Admitted Students (Sacramento)

The UC Davis Sacramento Part-Time MBA program has raised the level of management talent and contributed in many ways to the Capital Region’s economic growth and renaissance.

The Graduate School of Management is committed to investing in you and the community. Gain exclusive financial assistance and support in the form of:

  • Merit Scholarship between $3,000-$5,000 per academic year (for up to three years) – up to $15,000 total for our Sacramento Part-Time MBA program
  • Reimbursement up to $800 for GMAT/GRE preparation materials
  • MBA Application fee waiver ($125 value)

Current members of the following Chambers are eligible:

  • Sacramento Metro Chamber (Metro EDGE)
  • Folsom Chamber of Commerce (FLYP)
  • Roseville Chamber of Commerce (Ignite Young Professionals)

There is no additional application needed for this scholarship. Please mark your chamber membership on the MBA application. 

Regional Scholarships for Incoming Admitted Students (Bay Area)

We welcome applications from employees of Bishop Ranch Companies and members of the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce to our Bay Area Part-Time MBA Program. As a Bishop Ranch employee or San Ramon Chamber Member, you have access to special scholarships created to transform your career and reach your leadership potential in the form of:

  • Merit Scholarship of up to $9,000 for the first academic year for our Bay Area Part-Time MBA program
  • Reimbursement up to $800 for GMAT/GRE preparation materials
  • MBA Application fee waiver ($125 value)

There is no additional application needed for this scholarship. Please mark your affiliation on the MBA application. 

Scholarships for Incoming Admitted Students that are UC Davis Employees

As part of our investment in talent development at UC Davis, the Graduate School of Management offers up to five staff scholarships at the UC Davis main campus, the UC Davis San Ramon campus and at UC Davis Health. Scholarships can be used for either the Sacramento Part-Time MBA program or the Bay Area Part-Time MBA program. Ideal candidates have accomplished professionals with high leadership potential. These awards are competitive and are awarded on the basis of intellectual curiosity and strength, demonstrated leadership, professional effectiveness, and strong teamwork and communication skills.

Details for each award are hyperlinked below. To be eligible you must  be employed in a career position with one of the following partners:

Scholarships for Current Students

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and alumni, the Graduate School of Management is proud to offer several scholarships and awards to our students who excel inside the classroom and show great leadership and management potential. Each donor scholarship and fellowship has specific criteria that will need to be addressed in the application.

What scholarships and awards are available?

The following donor-funded scholarships are available to our MBA students:

William and Jean M. Allewelt Award for Management Students -$850

Established by William and Jean Allewelt, this scholarship is one of the first endowed awards at the Graduate School of Management and supports a Full-Time MBA student in good academic standing.  Preference is given to a parent (married or single) who demonstrates financial need (est. 1998).

Brad Atwood Scholarship - $1,000

Established by Virginia and Greg Kelsch to honor the pivotal role that Brad Atwood, former Vice-Chancellor of UC Irvine, played in recognizing Virginia’s career potential. This scholarship supports an MBA student (from any of the MBA programs- Full-Time, Bay Area, Sacramento or Online) who is interested in pursuing a career in non-profit management or who has an interest or background in non-profits (est. 1993).

California Wine Industry Management Education Award - $4,000

Established to honor the strong partnership the California wine industry has with Professor Emeritus Robert Smiley, this fellowship supports an outstanding Full-Time MBA student who is interested in becoming a professional within the California wine industry (est. 1998). 

James R. and Georgia K. Corbett Fellowship for Student Entrepreneurs - $5,500

Established by James and Georgia Corbett, passionate mentors and long-time supporters of the School, this fellowship supports an outstanding MBA student (from any of the MBA programs- Full-Time, Bay Area, Sacramento or Online) who is judged to have motivation, potential and passion for succeeding in the entrepreneurial world (est. 2000).

Robert and Miriam Glock Graduate Award - $1,000

Established by Miriam Glock to support the recruitment and retention of Full-Time MBA students who pursue their studies and careers in finance, and who has exhibited financial need. The finance field was selected to honor Miriam Glock’s late husband, Robert Glock, and his successful career in finance (est. 2013).

Stephen G. and Shelley A. Newberry Endowed Distinguished Fellowship - $12,000 each for 2 recipients

Established for a Full-Time MBA student who has the potential to be a successful team leader in business. The recipient may not be of the highest academic ranking, but demonstrates great potential for leadership (est. 2008).

External Scholarships

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management has compiled the following list of external scholarship opportunities as a service to the community. Students should work directly with each agency to verify their processes and eligibility—and should verify the legitimacy of any organization they provide personal information to.