Success Stories

As a student of the Graduate School of Management’s MBA program, you will have access to a tremendous network that includes a cohort of driven students and accomplished alumni. Enjoy reading stories about their past experiences, current successes, and how their UC Davis MBA helped them achieve their goals.

UC Davis MBA Alumna Archana Arunkumar on Collaborative Leadership in Tech

"Carry your confidence into every room you enter."

What’s collaborative leadership mean? How do you collaborate at work to make an impact? UC Davis MBA alumna Archana Arunkumar shares her insights from more than 20 years experience as a product and technology executive, advisor and board director in the tech world.

Parents, Here’s Why You Should Consider an MBA

“Even when family life feels overwhelming, I’ve enjoyed my time at the UC Davis GSM”

As a full-time professional and parent of three young kids, Wesley Chua shares why he took the leap to start the Bay Area Part-Time MBA.

Former Aggie Hurdler on New MBA Career Track

“The Career Development team were super responsive and critical to my success”

After landing a new role at Sandia National Laboratories, Bay Area MBA student Suzanne Howard shares the many ways UC Davis helped accelerate her career.

Jeff Ansley Builds a Soaring Solar Career

Jeff Ansley embarked on his planet-saving career in 1993 in East Africa, where he installed remote photovoltaic systems and taught residents how to install and service solar equipment. Today he is president of Natron Resources Inc., a Moraga, Calif.–based solar system design and engineering company he founded while a student in the Bay Area MBA program. Natron Resources is dedicated to making solar energy economically feasible for its residential and business clients.

Jesse Rosales Climbs K2 Like It’s His Job

MBA Alum: It takes management skills, process-oriented goals and a strategic vision

Jesse Rosales didn’t climb a mountain in a day.

Summiting the second highest peak in the world—a feat more consuming and dangerous than scaling Mt. Everest—took years of preparation, perseverance and every project management skill in his toolbox.

Melinda Ornburg MBA 16

Former Forensic Anthropologist Now Studies Customer Clues

Giving back is at the top of Melinda Ornburg’s priority list. In her previous career studying to be a forensic anthropologist, Ornburg MBA 16 spent her working hours dissecting human skeletons during an internship at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, trying to piece together accidental and violent deaths.

Adam Gouveia MBA 13


It was an investment opportunity like no other—compelling enough to quit his San Francisco finance job to join his client, a fintech startup in Africa.