Industry Immersions

A powerful, collaborative, real-world learning experience

Industry Immersions

The Graduate School of Management's Industry Immersion program gives students access to a powerful, collaborative network tied to UC Davis' globally ranked programs across a multitude of disciplines.

Through the Industry Immersion program, you will have the unique opportunity to explore business activity and access graduate-level courses in biotechnology, food and agriculture and sustainable energy. You also will engage with and learn from top executives in these industries and be part of an interdisciplinary team working on real-world challenges occurring in these fields that are critical to the well-being of society.

Program Highlights

  • Learn from senior executives from leading corporations.
  • Gain hands-on experience each week, teaming with MBA and UC Davis graduate students from multiple departments in problem-solving sessions.
  • Access curriculum designed by both UC Davis faculty and industry executives that reflects the latest challenges in the industry.
  • Capitalize on live company case studies and UC Davis' global research leadership.

The Industry Immersion program will give you the opportunity to leverage UC Davis' strength as a research powerhouse and its impressive corporate-partnership network for developing your business knowledge and skill. 

Through this co-curricular program, you will accelerate your knowledge and become a dynamic multi-faceted and well-rounded global leader armed with the skills needed to have a positive impact in some of the most relevant industries of our time.