Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships

One way to help cover the cost of your graduate degree is to work as a Teaching Assistant or Reader position during your time at UC Davis. Graduate Teaching Assistant and Reader positions offer students reduced tuition, and monthly or hourly stipends. Teaching Assistants are required to be a currently enrolled student registered in a minimum of 12-units if full-time or 6-units if part-time, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher. No student may serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a course in which they are enrolled.

What does a teaching assistant do?

Teaching assistants are responsible for course preparation, individual and or group tutoring, conducting discussion sections, holding office hours, and grading homework. A TA is responsible for participating in regular class, as well as instructing the discussion section.As a TA, you will be asked to administer midterms and finals for lectures, and be asked to hold extra office hours during midterms and finals. 

What does it mean to be a reader?

The title “Reader” is given to a student employee who provides various services as a course assistant, such as grading student papers and examinations. A Reader does not have the same responsibilities as a Teaching Assistant. A Reader will not be assigned the responsibilities of leading discussion or laboratory sections. A student may not serve as a Reader in a course in which they are enrolled.

How much does it pay?

  • A 50% (20 hours/week) Teaching Assistant appointment receives $9,708 for the entire quarter, plus fee remission
  • A 25% (10 hours/week) Teaching Assistant appointment receives $4,854 for the entire quarter, plus fee remission
  • A 25% Graduate Reader appointment receives $20.28 per hour and fee remission

**The salary and fee remission amounts are subject to change without notice.Teaching Assistant appointments of 25% or higher receive a fee remission*, except for courses taken in Summer Sessions**. There are no fee remissions offered for any student academic appointment during the summer. *Fee remission includes education and registration fees as well as Health Insurance.