Customized Programs

Executive education tailored to fit your company's needs

UC Davis Executive Education collaborates with companies from all industries to provide exceptional programming that meets your business needs. We create engaging educational experiences that drive results and improve your team’s business acumen, leadership performance and communication savvy.

Our Process

We collaborate with companies from day one, meeting with key leaders to understand their unique needs and identify opportunities. We’ll ask: What does success look like to you? What kind of program will help your teams achieve that success? Company representatives leave these discussions with a better grasp on the current and desired state for the organization. Together we go from there, creating the best program to move your company and workforce to where it needs to go.

Comprehensive and Targeted

Delivery methods are diverse and are selected based on company objectives and team demographics. Our learning lab delivery style engages participants, inspiring them to action through academically-based content, group exercises and hands-on practice.

Follow Through

Accountability and ROI are the cornerstone of our Custom Programs. We work with you to develop a comprehensive system of mechanisms to measure program successes. Follow-up to understand ROI have included feedback reports for individuals, one-on-one meetings to measure progress, and private LinkedIn groups to document and share successes.

Program Portfolio

Every company has a diverse workforce, from the C-suite to middle management, to technical experts and other key talent. We work with you to provide targeted instruction, creating multifaceted programs that speak to diverse audiences within the company

Choose from our broad portfolio of one-day academically based programs to build a curriculum that meets the needs of your team, or work with us to develop a fully customized program offerings in key areas such as:

Finance Human Resources and Organization Development Leadership Strategy


A diverse business landscape calls for diverse program offerings, which is exactly what we offer. No two organizations encounter the exact same obstacles or have the exact same needs, so we empower you to choose the program offerings that best meet the needs of your diverse workforce.

By engaging with us at one of our consortium levels, your organization can pick and choose the programs that best meet the training and development needs of your people. At all levels, program days can be used by multiple individuals within your company, for any mix of programs in our portfolio.

Become a Platinum Consortium Member for $50,000

As a platinum consortium member, your organization receives 50 program days to be used within one year of enrolling at this level.

Become a Gold Consortium Member for $25,000

As a gold consortium member, your organization receives 22 program days to be used within one year of enrolling at this level.

Become a Silver Consortium Member for $10,000

As a silver consortium member, your organization receives 8 program days to be used within one year of enrolling at this level.