Collaborative Leadership Program

Collaborative Leadership Program

A rising tide of collaborative leaders gathered in Monterey with top executives, where MBA student Meg Lee says the Collaborative Leadership Program retreat on the Pacific Coast brought her UC Davis experience full circle.

Many leadership programs generally allow participants to discover their unique strengths and build on them.

We take it one step further. We help you become a leader who both knows their own strengths and relies on collaborating with others to complete complex initiatives successfully.

What is a collaborative leader?

A collaborative leader builds coalitions across stakeholders, accepts responsibility, and demonstrates values-based leadership.

A collaborative leader at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management:

  • Inspires others to achieve
  • Helps others to succeed
  • Builds trust and brings positive energy
  • Is humble and is willing to learn from others
UC Davis Collaborative Leadership Pillars

Program Overview

360° Feedback

At the end of orientation, you’ll complete a self-assessment and an assessment of your teammates’ strengths and areas of growth opportunity through a 360° feedback exercise.

Feedback gathered from your 360° assessment will provide a foundational understanding of effective leadership characteristics. You will gain insight into how others perceive you and will have an opportunity to adjust behaviors and develop skills to become an effective leader.

First-Year: Collaborative Leadership Program

Our MBA curriculum is designed to highlight collaborative leadership as exhibited in case studies, current events, and our collaborative culture of learning at Graduate School of Management. During orientation, you’ll be introduced to the concept of collaborative leadership and the foundational pillars and competencies unique to our community.

Post-orientation, we’ll continue to offer development opportunities through experiential, hands-on learning, case studies, and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. During your first-year, you will:

  • Be paired with a senior industry leader who will be your mentor.
  • Hone your collaborative leadership skills through team projects.
  • Receive a customized report of your strengths and areas of growth opportunity according to the 360° assessment.
  • Develop a plan for improvement.

Second-Year: Advanced Collaborative Leadership Program

During the advanced program, you will:

  • Connect with top CEOs of global companies who will share their leadership experiences and challenges.
  • Be encouraged to lead student organizations.
  • Experience workshops that will take a deeper dive into the Collaborative Leadership pillars and how to put them into practice.