MBA Integrated Management Projects

Are you in need of a strategic plan to help your business solve an issue or capitalize on an opportunity? Then you need to become a corporate sponsor of strategic project through our IMPACT program — which stands for Integrated Management Projects, Articulation and Critical Thinking.

As a corporate sponsors of an IMPACT project you will have the opportunity to have a team of GSM students work collaboratively on a 10-week project focused on a challenge or opportunity that you bring to the table.

Our MBA student teams have a proven track record of solving problems addressed through these IMPACT projects that improve a company’s business operations, strategic planning and bottom line.

More than 80 percent of our clients adopt or implement our MBA student teams’ solutions and recommendations.

We encourage constructive collaboration between the sponsor and the MBA teams to address a clear and specific challenge or explore a distinct business opportunity.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Access to a skilled, dedicated team: Teams of five to six UC Davis MBA students combine their academic and work experience, backgrounds and strengths to tackle your business challenge.
  • Tap into our faculty expertise: Each strategic team is mentored closely by a faculty adviser with executive leadership and management consulting experience to assist with identifying a meaningful business challenge to develop custom, actionable recommendations.
  • Build strong business partnerships: Sponsoring a project further links our students and the business community, giving them greater exposure and opportunity to work corporate managers.

Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Engagement: A key element to the success of an IMPACT project is a corporate sponsor’s commitment to the process.The sponsor point person has regular contact with the student team, typically on a weekly basis.
  • Key Meetings: The executive sponsor, project lead and other significant stakeholders should attend three key meetings during the project engagement: the Project Launch, the Interim Discussion and the Final Presentation.
  • Qualifying Donation: Sponsors are requested to make a $10,000 tax-deductible gift to support the MBA IMPACT curriculum, which also gives them membership into the Graduate School of Management’s Business Partnership Program. As a Business Partner, your contribution supports the School’s mission to provide an exceptional student experience.

Recent Sponsor Companies

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