Center for Analytics and Technology in Society

Thought leadership and practical insights into the use of analytics and technology in society, especially health care, media and entertainment, and platform businesses.

Who We Are


The Center conducts research and outreach around the transformations that modern information and computing technologies cause at the individual (worker, consumer, patient, employee, artist), unit (business, department, clinic, hospital), market, and societal levels.

The Center’s footprint covers understanding and anticipating these transformations; impact assessment and attribution; business strategy for transformative technologies; design and execution to optimize their effects; and competitive policy and market outcomes.

Research Pillars and Projects

tablet with healthcare symbols


How analytics and information technologies impact and transform healthcare.

Media and Entertainment


How new technologies, big data and business analytics are transforming the business of producing and distributing entertainment products.

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Platform Business

Strategic and operational problems in management of platform businesses, applications of platform thinking, transformational impact of platforms.