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Center for Analytics and Technology in Society
Thought leadership and practical insights into the use of analytics and technology in society, especially health care, media and entertainment, and platform businesses.

Platforms and analytics are strongly synergistic because the essence of a platform is to orchestrate among a massive number of ecosystem partners and to do so in real-time and possibly over a very fluid and rapidly-changing set. These requirements create the imperative for big data analytics and algorithms. 

The Center aims to advance the applications of information technologies in business and society. It will bridge two impactful and paradigm-changing technological pillars – platforms and data analytics – which have recently attracted tremendous academic and industrial activity, but mostly in isolation.

Center for Analytics and Technology in Society

Our program campuses span Northern California’s economic megaregion

Tech Hub - Location
healthcare analytics


How analytics and information technologies impact and transform healthcare.

Tech Hub - Location
media and entertainment analytics

Media & Entertainment

Predicting the future of in-home video entertainment through a historical and economic analysis of turbulence in M&E.

Tech Hub - Location
platform business

Platform Business

Strategic and operational problems in management of platform businesses, applications of platform thinking, transformational impact of platform.

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