Building your Strategic Bench: Interviewing with Purpose

Have you considered how your skills as an interviewer can impact the long-term success of your organization's talent pool?

About Building your Strategic Bench: Interviewing with Purpose

Employee turnover is a major issue in business today. One cause of turnover is employee dissatisfaction caused by poor job fit. As a successful team leader or HR professional, knowing the skills needed to quickly and accurately access the fit of a new hire during the interviewing process is critical. In this learning lab workshop, you will learn the theory behind proper interviewing while building a strategic plan to enhance your interviewing skills and the success of your organization when it comes to bringing in new talent.

Who Should Attend?

This program has been designed for executives, managers, supervisors, HR professionals or team leads who are charged with the responsibility of interviewing job candidates.

Learning Objectives and Program Benefits

By attending this program, you will:

  • Gain an increased awareness of the role of the interviewer in the strategic hiring process
  • Learn an effective five-step process to prepare and conduct strategic interviews
  • Practice a proven, twelve-point system which will enable you to conduct insightful interviews that lead to successful new hires
  • Engage in role playing and experiential learning designed to allow you to practice, and then receive written and oral feedback, on your strategic interviewing skills