Teaching and Research Assistantships

Open positions for 2020-2021 academic year

Course Title Appointment Quarter
MGP/B 206 & 285 Reader 25% Summer 2020
Tech Minor TA 25%-50% Fall 20, Winter 21, Spring 21
Acct Minor TA 25% Fall 20, Winter 21, Spring 21
MGT 11A/B TA 25% Fall 20, Winter 21, Spring 21
MGT/P 203B Reader 25% Winter 2021
MGT/P/B 201B TA 25% Winter 2021
MGP 201A Reader 25% Spring 2021

25% = 10 hours per week  |  50% = 20 hours per week



Teaching assistants are responsible for conducting discussion sections, holding office hours and grading homework. It is a teaching assistant's responsibility to participate in regular class, as well as his/her discussion section. This rule guarantees that there would be no problem in sharing in proctoring and grading exams, sharing responsibility equally among fellow teaching assistants. You will be asked to administer midterms and finals for lecture and be asked to hold extra office hours during midterms/finals. 

The title "Reader" is given to a student employed for the ability to render diverse services as a course assistant, which normally includes grading student papers and examinations. A reader does not have the responsibilities customarily accorded a teaching assistant.

Salary and Benefits

  • A 50% teaching assistant appointment receives $7,303.83 for the entire quarter, plus fee remission
  • A 25% teaching assistant appointment receives $3,651.19 for the entire quarter, plus fee remission
  • A 25% reader appointment receives $16.75 per hour and fee remission

Teaching assistants appointment of 25% or higher receive a fee remission*, except for courses taken in Summer Sessions**. Teaching assistants appointed to Summer Sessions are appointed by the Office of Summer Sessions. There are no fee remissions offered for any student academic appointment during the summer. 

*Fee remission includes education and registration fees as well as Health Insurance. 

**The salary and fee remission amounts are subject to change without notice.

How to Apply

Please submit an application through Handshake. Submit a separate application for each position to which you are applying. 

Open Positions

There are no open position currently available.