Women in Leadership Conference

Hosted by: Women in Leadership

  • March 02, 2024 10:00am - 2:10pm
Women in Leadership Conference

The purpose of the Women in Leadership Conference is to provide community building and speaker sessions in favor of women in leadership amongst UC Davis students and the general public. While the conference theme centers on women in leadership, our commitment is to create an environment that fosters learning, collaboration, and growth for everyone, inclusive of all backgrounds. We believe that a diverse range of perspectives enriches the conversation and leads to more innovative solutions within the Greater Sacramento region. Together, we can drive positive change and inspire leadership in many forms.


  • Rachel Zillner | CEO, Clutch
  • Christy Serrato | CEO, Pair Anything
  • Gina Saenz | Executive Director, Beckman-Coulter
  • Gloria Partida | Councilwoman
  • Donna Neville | Councilwoman
  • Morgan Young | LinkedIn Top Voice