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Food and Agriculture Industry Immersion

Feeding the world is a critical challenge facing the world as the population continues to grow, resources remain finite and the environment is vulnerable. The Food and Agriculture Industry Immersion is focused on innovation, combining our business expertise and corporate partner network with UC Davis’ global leadership in foodnutrition and agriculture.

VIDEO: The intersection of economics, business and food

Food and Agriculture Industry Immersion

Fast facts

  • UC Davis ranked No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 2 globally for agriculture 
  • Two-course Food & Ag Industry Immersion program:
    • Company Visits (1-unit), Fall quarter
      Tour regional food and ag firms and learn more about their agtech and business models.
    • Industry Immersion – Executive Speakers
      (3-unit, Winter quarter)
      Led by senior executives from leading food and agribusiness firms. Attend five, full-day Friday sessions.
  • Gain hands-on experience, teaming with MBA and agricultural sciences students in problem-solving sessions
  • Capitalize on Sacramento region as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital
  • Coordinated by food and agriculture expert Julie Morris, former director of technology innovation for the UC Davis World Food Center
  • Scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $42,000 are available to incoming MBA admits for fall 2020​

Video: In the Field  | Pre-Immersion Company Visits

Food and Agriculture Industry Immersion

360-Degree Food and Ag

The Immersions program introduces students to the many facets of the food and agricultural industry and provides a framework for understanding the complex forces that shape and drive it. 

You’ll learn from top industry executives through live case studies about:

  • State of the Food Industry & Future Challenges
  • Seed Research and Impact on Food Innovation
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation in CPG Industry
  • AgTech Innovation
  • Role of Big Data in Retail
  • Food Innovation and Impact of Organics
  • Developing Brands for Shifting Consumer Demand
  • Innovation in Food Waste, Preservation & Recycling
  • Corporate Approaches to Food Waste Management

“The Food and Ag Industry Immersion has been my most rewarding learning experience.” – Laudan Yavari MBA 19

2018-19 Pre-Immersion Company Visits

2020 Executive Speakers

“This was a great chance to see what some of the ag and food businesses are doing regarding food waste.” – Sara Pace, Business Development Fellow