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Industry Immersions
Gain insights and expertise from senior executives of top companies and UC Davis faculty experts

Graduate-level courses that combine our business expertise and corporate partner network with UC Davis’ global leadership in biotechnology, food and agriculture, sustainable energy and technology finance. Our co-curricular programs will accelerate your knowledge of operations and practices in a multi-faceted, global industry. 

Industry Immersions

Team up on real-world, hands-on company projects
and get ready to make a difference.

Fast Facts

  • Taught by senior executives from leading corporations
  • Gain hands-on experience each week, teaming with MBA and UC Davis graduate students from multiple departments in problem-solving sessions
  • Curriculum designed by both UC Davis faculty and industry executives to reflect the latest challenges in the industry
  • Capitalize on UC Davis’ expertise
  • Scholarships ranging from $3,000 to $42,000 are available to incoming MBA admits for fall 2020

Industry ImmersionS

Full-Time Industry Immersions

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