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BizBridge Mentor Collective

BizBridge Mentor Collective

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The BizBridge Mentor Collective program helps Bay Area and Sacramento Part-Time MBA students and Online MBA students develop a sense of community, build leadership skills and find networking opportunities within the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. With BizBridge, you’ll find your home on campus and explore resources that'll place you on the path to success.

An Overview 

  • The BizBridge Mentor Collective is a program that creates opportunities for mentors to build their leadership skills, share their experiences and help new students feel welcome. 
  • Mentors and mentees communicate through monthly check-ins via video-chat, text, email or other methods each prefers.
  • The BizBridge Mentor Collective matches incoming part-time MBA students with peer mentors for academic and social support.

How Does the Collective Work?

  • Based on your interests, you’ll be matched with an alumni mentor who can answer many common questions about academics, campus and more.
  • Your mentor began as a new student too and has volunteered to share their experiences to help get you familiar with life at UC Davis and welcome you to our community.

Who are the Mentors?

Your mentor will be an alumnus of UC Davis Graduate School of Management. If you tell us about your interests and the qualities of your ideal mentor, we’ll match you with an alumnus that best fits your unique profile.

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