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MSBA – Academics
Master the four competencies crucial to the digital economy

Our interdisciplinary UC Davis faculty will prepare you to thrive as an innovative leader in this data-driven era. Through our program you will build competencies in analytics, data, business and practice.  

Our Approach

Our professors are leading-edge scholars who trained at top schools, including Stanford University, the University of Southern California, MIT, the Wharton School, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, Rice University, Cornell University and Northwestern University. Through a powerful combination of case studies, seminars, guest speakers, simulations and team projects, they turn complex concepts into actionable tools you will use throughout your career.

In our small classes you’ll build strong connections with your professors. They will know you by name and help you build competencies in the fields necessary for 21st century innovation.

Core Competencies

MSBA Curriculum

The UC Davis MSBA degree is 40 units of graduate courses including a series of project courses over one-year that are equivalent to 10 units.

  Fall Winter Spring Summer

Introduction to Business Analytics

Problem Structuring

Organizational Issues in Implementing Analytics Organizational Effectiveness Workshop  

Data Management 

Data Visualization

Big Data

Data Design and Representation


Statistical Reasoning and Exploration

Foundations of Analytics*

Advanced Statistics

Machine Learning

Analytic Decision Making

Application Domains



Practicum - Initiation

Practicum - Elaboration

Practicum - Analysis

Practicum – Implementation

   Proposed course for Fall 2018*

MSBA - Academics

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