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MSBA Costs and Financial Aid
Learn about program costs, awards and financial aid

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Earning your UC Davis MSBA is an investment in your future. UC Davis offers financial assistance to help you meet the costs of the program.​

Companies are facing an acute shortage of skilled workers and managers who are trained to leverage massive data and computing power to extract insights and make business decisions. MSBA graduates will be prepared to address this vast demand-supply gap of professionals. Successful MSBA graduates can expect to earn a considerable return on their financial investment.

Estimated Program Costs

MSBA students who started in fall 2019 paid $1,339 per unit. Course fees are set at the time of enrollment and remain fixed for your MSBA studies. Students take 17 units in fall quarter, 14 in winter and 13 in spring quarter. The MSBA requires 44 units for a total estimated course fee of $58,916.

The outlined schedule and unit requirement is subject to change. Details will be released as available.

The UC Davis office of Financial Aid and Scholarships establishes a modest, yet adequate cost of living allowance to determine financial aid eligibility each school year. This allowance includes housing and utilities, food, transportation, personal/miscellaneous expenses and medical expenses.

Health Insurance Requirement: UC Davis automatically enrolls all registered students in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). Students with comparable insurance can apply for a UC SHIP waiver. More about UC SHIP here

Estimated Expenses for 2018-19


MSBA Program Fees*


Health Insurance Fee


Books & Supplies


Room and Board***


Personal Expenses




Total Budget


*The fees and charges posted here are estimates. These figures may not be final. Actual program fees and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California or the University of California President. Accordingly, final approved levels (and thus a student’s final balance due) may differ from the amounts shown. When available, final fees will be posted here.

** Students must prove comparable coverage under another insurance plan to waive this fee.

** Students are required to have a laptop which is not included in this cost.

*** Allowance assumes shared housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Student housing will not be available.

Funding available to you as an MSBA student include:

  • Student Loans
  • Scholarships, Fellowship and Other Awards
  • Employer Support

Student Loans

Federal Direct Loans and Graduate PLUS Loans

UC Davis participates in these U.S. government loan programs. The UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships will determine your eligibility and notify you of the types and amounts of loans for which you qualify.

  • UC Davis disburses loans in three installments, one per quarter.
  • Interest rates and origination loans are set by the federal government.  Interest accrues on the loans from the date of disbursement.
  • The Federal Direct Loan does not require a credit check and the Graduate PLUS Loan does require a credit check.
  • For more information, please contact the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships, or contact a financial aid expert.

MSBA students receive their formal financial aid packages after submitting their enrollment deposit—typically in the summer. If you need an estimated award before accepting enrollment, please contact the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships, or contact a financial aid expert.

Private Loans

Private loans provide both fixed-amount loan programs and revolving lines of credit. These loans are based on creditworthiness. Interest rates are usually higher and interest begins to accrue immediately, although you often have the option of deferring payment while you are in school.

Terms and conditions for these programs are not set by the federal government and are subject to change. For more information, please contact the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships or contact a financial aid expert.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Other Awards

Apply by Round 3 for scholarship, fellowship, and other award priority consideration.

MSBA Awards: Dean’s Fellowships and MSBA Scholarships (up to $11,000)

The Graduate School of Management offers limited awards based on merit. Factored into consideration are leadership experience, as well as academic and professional accomplishments. The Admissions Committee considers candidates for these awards at the time of admission.  No separate scholarship application is required. If you are interested or have questions about MSBA awards, contact our Admissions Team or (530) 752-5354.

In addition to the merit-based awards, the following grants are available.

To be considered for the following awards, submit this supplemental application at the same time as your application for admissions. 

UC and CSU Alumni Grant (up to $5,000)

The UC and CSU Alumni Fellowship is for applicants who have received their undergraduate from a University of California or California State University campus.

In an essay no longer than 250 words, describe how being a UC or CSU alumnus has impacted your career.  Please also share how you positively impacted the learning community during your time on campus. Click here to apply.

Employer Match (up to $11,000)

We recognize the benefits but also challenges of working while being a student. This scholarship helps support candidates who plan to work while in the program and are partially or fully sponsored by their employer. The MSBA program will match employer sponsorship up to $11,000. 

Email documentation/proof of employer support to

Military Service Award (up to $6,000)

The Graduate School of Management (GSM) supports members of the U.S. armed forces as they make a transition to the civilian workforce or return to service.

The program has committed to awarding up to $6,000 for tuition expenses not covered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill to up to two eligible MSBA Students.

Working Professional Grant (up to $5,000)

Students who are currently working while studying bring an additional depth of perspectives to enhance the learning environment. This grant is designed for candidates who are working at the time of application, and will continue with their current employer in a 50 percent capacity or greater during the program. This scholarship also is designed for working professionals who are not receiving employer support. Your office should be located within 100 miles of the UC Hastings campus.

In an essay no longer than 250 words, describe how your professional background and experiences can enhance the learning community for your fellow classmates.  Please also share examples of mentorship that you’ve been involved with — formally or informally, given or received. Click here to apply.

Executive Assistantship (up to $9,750)

Executive student assistants work closely with the executive and academic directors to create an engaging experience for students in the MSBA, today and over the years. In this role you will leverage data to work in initiatives related to student experience, program outreach, and market intelligence and analytics. Some executive assistantships are awarded at the time of admission, but all students will have an opportunity to apply for a position after matriculation.

More Information

If you have questions about filing the FAFSA or the awarding process, please contact the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships or contact a financial aid expert.

International Students

International students receive full consideration for Graduate School of Management scholarships, fellowships and assistantships. Those who need educational loan assistance must have a U.S. co-signer.

MSBA Costs and Financial Aid

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