Meet Our 2024 Commencement Student Speakers

Six new GSM grads share why they chose UC Davis

graphic with 2024 commencement speakers

Students from each of the six degree programs at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management (GSM) will share their inspirations, experiences and journeys with their fellow graduates, their families and friends at Commencement on Friday, June 14, 2024.

Our student speakers:

  • Tess Sussman, Full-Time MBA
  • Jessica Cheng, Bay Area Part-Time MBA
  • Leticia V. Garay, Sacramento Part-Time MBA
  • Utsav Sarkar, Online MBA
  • Arjun Khosla, Master of Professional Accountancy
  • Maanvee Mehrotra, Master of Science in Business Analytics


Meet Our Speakers

headshot of TessSussman

Tess Sussman, Full-Time MBA

Hometown: Needham, MA

Why UC Davis? UC Davis offers an amazing opportunity to pursue an MBA degree that incorporates the scientific focus that I was looking for. The location of Davis in an agricultural and medical hub is a unique experience, combined with an amazing atmosphere brought by the people who choose to come here. The culture of the GSM is unbeatable, and I am so lucky to be able to experience California for the first time by coming to Davis.

Jessica Cheng

Jessica Cheng, Bay Area Part-Time MBA

Hometown: Born in Salt Lake City, UT. Then split my childhood between Taiwan and Seattle, WA. 

Why UC Davis? I chose UC Davis for its dynamic, startup-like atmosphere, where I could develop leadership, business acumen, and drive change. The close-knit UC Davis community facilitated meaningful ties which I found the most valuable in getting an MBA. Additionally, the Bay Area MBA program's hybrid structure allowed me to juggle full-time work and part-time studies while staying connected with peers face-to-face, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

Headshot of Leticia Garay

Leticia V. Garay, Sacramento Part-Time MBA

Hometown: Antioch, CA

Why UC Davis? Though I came to UC Davis for its beautiful campus as an undergraduate, I stayed because of the beautifully collaborative and uplifting community. I’m thankful to be an Aggie through and through because this community continues to foster my professional and personal growth.

Utsav Sarkar

Utsav Sarkar, Online MBA

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Why UC Davis? I chose to pursue an MBA at UC Davis for its stellar reputation, high-quality education and unparalleled flexibility. The program's structure enabled me to continue working while furthering my studies, a balance essential for my personal and professional development. The curriculum has provided me with outstanding management and business skills. I am incredibly grateful for this experience and aspire to leverage these skills to make a meaningful impact on the world!

headshot of Arjun Khosla

Arjun Khosla, Master of Professional Accountancy

Hometown: I grew up in Reno, NV, and Redding, CA

Why UC Davis? I am from NorCal, so it is nice having a slice of home even when I'm on campus. The small-town allure of UC Davis is quite inviting, and the community made within UC Davis is very supportive. 

headshot of Maanvee Mehrotra

Maanvee Mehrotra, Master of Science in Business Analytics

Hometown: Shivpuri, India 

Why UC Davis? I chose UC Davis for my graduate education, specifically in MSBA, because of its renowned faculty, strong academic programs, and vibrant research community. The university's commitment to focus on real-world impact aligns perfectly with my academic and professional goals. Additionally, the campus's welcoming environment and dedicated staff, who offer invaluable support and guidance, made it an ideal choice for advancing my education pursuits. The community at Davis is truly amazing.