After Completing Your Degree

Information for students who have completed degree requirements

General Timeline

  • 4 weeks after the end of the quarter
    All grades are confirmed and your name is included on the final degree list sent to the Office of the University Registrar. We confirm with you at this time your name was on the final degree list. If you need to print letters for employer reimbursement, you should do so immediately since your access will be cancelled within 10 days of receiving an email confirming degree requirements have been met.
  • 8 weeks after the end of the quarter
    Degrees for the quarter are officially awarded by the Academic Senate and only then are noted on each student’s transcript.
  • 18-20 weeks after the end of the quarter
    Diplomas are ready for mailing.


  • Diplomas are disbursed via the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). Students must complete the Diploma Mailing form (PDF) and submit to OUR. Carefully review and follow the instructions for payment under “Payment Options” on the bottom of the form. 

  • Full-time MBA students MUST complete the Career Development Employment Survey in order for diploma to be awarded.
  • MPAc students MUST complete their  Career Development Employment Survey in GTS.

UCD Email

GSM alumni may have access to their DavisMail accounts after graduation. 

Full-time MBA Students - Employment Survey

  • Each graduating student must complete an Employment Survey. (Part-time students do not need to complete this form.)
  • Information is confidential. This information has a significant impact on our rankings and your thoroughness and cooperation are appreciated!
  • Complete the survey no later than end of spring quarter.
  • Any questions about the survey? Make an appointment to meet with Career Development.

MPAc Students - Employment Survey

  • Information is confidential.
  • Survey is in GTS under My Profile>>Add/Edit Offers.

Part-time Students - Grade Employer Reimbursement Letters

  • Grade/Employer Reimbursement Letters:  You have access to RaPS  for an additional two weeks after the confirmation email (see “4 weeks after the end of the quarter” above) is sent.  Use the Grade & Reg. Letter tab.  RaPS access is deactivated after this.

Canvas Access, Library Privileges, Transcripts and more

Please see information here.


  • Contact your Program Manager