Information for current students

Not Enrolling Fall, Winter or Spring Quarter

Students not enrolling in fall, winter or spring quarter must apply for a planned education leave and email the completed form to the GSM Registrar.

Requests for PELP must be approved by the assistant dean of student affairs. The minimum Planned Educational Leave shall be one full quarter, starting on the first day of the quarter; maximum is one year (Full-Time students = 3 quarters, Sacramento and Bay Area students = 4 quarters).

Read section 9.3, Planned Educational Leave Program, in the GSM Academic Policies & Procedures for detailed information.


Not Enrolling Summer Quarter

(applies to Bay Area and Sacramento students ONLY)

Students not enrolling in summer quarter must complete the online Non-Registration form (for 2020) by the initial registration deadline. Filling out the form confirms your continued program eligibility. Completing the non-registration survey after the initial registration deadline OR not at all may result in a $125 registration penalty.

Please note: You must complete 18 units to meet minimum academic progress for the academic year (fall through summer). Not meeting the minimum academic progress requirement results in you being placed on Academic Probation until the unit deficit is made up.

Minimum Number of Units Required by Program

Full-Time students: 12 units required
Part-Time students: 6 units required
MPAc students: 16 units required

Financial Aid

It is your responsibility to know what the enrollment requirements are for your financial aid eligibility since those requirements may differ from the GSM enrollment requirements. If you are not enrolled in enough units in any given quarter, you lose your financial aid disbursement for that quarter. If financial aid has been disbursed and you drop below the required unit total, you are required to immediately pay back the entire disbursement for the quarter. (These are federal regulations.) Students need to have a zero balance on their student account to be eligible to register each quarter.

Deferment Status

If you are enrolled in less than the number of units listed above for your program in any quarter, you are not considered a “full-time” student and your name will be referred to your lender to start loan repayment. Once this happens, the only recourse is to start the deferment process again with your lender. (Complete the student section and submit to your program manager to complete the school portion and signature. The form is returned to you to submit to your lender.)