Global Opportunities

Expand your worldview, international business knowledge and professional network through our MBA global opportunities.

With access to engaging classroom instruction and immersive learning experiences in countries around the world, you will:

  • Advance your knowledge in global leadership principles and practice.
  • Build your cross-cultural business acumen.
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and your place in the world. 

International Exchange Program

Some students gain international experience and exposure by studying for an academic quarter at one of our several partner schools around the world. This invaluable experience at other universities gives students a first-hand look at how companies are affected by fluctuations in the global marketplace. Students emerge from this experience with a comprehensive understanding of the global economy.

International Study Program

Each year, our students create a live, international business case study that culminates in a two-week study trip. You have tremendous input in shaping your international study practicum. You collaborate with a faculty advisor to select a country or region, identify industry sectors to explore, and contact executives with whom you will meet on the trip. The 10-week course provides a unique experience as students visit companies, factory sites, financial exchanges and government agencies. Frequently, you meet with senior level executives throughout the course of your travels. While abroad, you learn firsthand about international trade, socioeconomic issues, critical industry sectors, and local business culture and practices. You return with a better understanding of both local issues and the global market – and a new awareness of the factors that define business success.

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