GMAT/GRE Optional

Part-Time MBA

Beginning November 2022, the UC Davis Bay Area Part-Time MBA, Sacramento Part-Time MBA and Online MBA programs do not require a GMAT (or GRE) test score as part of the application process.

While testing is optional, and there is no negative admission impact by not submitting a test score, taking the GMAT (or GRE) exam might be a great way to shore up those gaps in your application and present a more competitive application.

MBA programs are looking for the strongest candidates. Most business schools take a holistic view of your application, looking at your academic preparedness, professional experience, leadership, and other personal qualities you might bring into the program.

The GMAT (or GRE) exam is one way to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have the academic potential to be successful in an MBA program. This is especially important for candidates who want to increase their chances of being admitted or those who wish to compensate for an area on the application in which they’re not as strong.

Applicants who believe their GMAT score might add value to their overall application are encouraged to include their scores with the application. Submitting a test score gives the admission committee an additional data point for application evaluation. Please note that not having a standardized test score will NOT affect your application adversely.