MSBA Campus Ready Plan
Fall 2020

Per state and county orders, MSBA San Francisco UC Hastings campus is operating under
Red Status: Suspended Operations
last updated 09/15/2020



Green Status
Full operations: In-person classes are allowed per campus, county and state-mandated orders
Yellow Status
 Pending operation change, the GSM is monitoring county data and guidelines before  in-person instruction can occur. County status change will only occur after 14 consecutive days before moving forward to another operational status.
Red Status: Suspended operations, in-person classes are suspended per campus, county and state-mandated orders and guidelines.  All in-person classes are suspended. Please check Canvas regarding class details.

Daily Symptom Survey

Keeping our community safe and healthy will require patience, consideration and empathy. We know Graduate School of Management community members are up for the challenge. Welcome to a new academic year.

FAll 2020 Instruction – september 15, 2020

Fall instruction is scheduled to be in-person and remote. If allowed by campus, county and state guidelines, we will have in-person classes. Currently, all guidelines restrict in-person instruction due to the county being in a Substantial tier according to the state restrictions on reopening non-essential indoor business operations. The GSM is operating at a Red Status: Suspended Operations due to these restrictions. We need to obtain additional county and campus approvals before we are allowed to meet in-person. We will provide updates weekly.

UC Hastings campus COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Welcome to UC Davis Graduate School of Management. In collaboration with central campus and adhering to San Francisco County and state guidelines, we have established the following protocol for your safety and safety of the community. 

Entering the Building

Before you arrive at UC Hastings building, please candidly assess how you are feeling. DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL. Err on the side of caution. Your instructors and GSM leaders will not penalize you for staying home.

While on campus, we expect you to follow these guidelines:

  • Wear a face covering at all times.
  • Maintain social distancing of six feet from other individuals.
  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer. The GSM is providing sanitizer in various locations.
  • Stay home if you are sick.

Building Hours for Faculty, Staff and Students

Access to the building must be requested in advance. Please contact Camille Mack, Admissions and Operations Analyst for more information.


As of September 1, 2020, Graduate School of Management classes are being delivered remotely under further notice. In order to prioritize student study spaces for our cleaning and disinfecting efforts, at this time, classrooms are closed and unavailable for use.


While using UC Hastings campus restrooms, please be considerate. Wash your hands thoroughly. Try to avoid using handles in the restroom spaces. The restrooms will be disinfected and cleaned frequently.

Shared Spaces

Please do not congregate in the interior corridors. You will see that casual seating throughout the building has been taped off. All of these barriers are there to keep our community safe and healthy. Please do not ignore or tamper with them.

We encourage you to take conversations outside the building. Fresh air and additional space for social distancing create a safer environment for discussion. 

Student Spaces

The student spaces were designed to foster collegial congregation. We look forward to using this space in that capacity again. In the meantime, please observe all signs and barriers.

Elevators and Stairs

Please read the signs providing specific instructions for the elevators and stairs. Only two people may ride the elevator at a time. Each stairwell has its own instructions to permit appropriate social distancing.

Stay up to date

In addition to updates provided by the Graduate School of Management, UC Davis Campus also provides information and updates to the community through the following links: Campus Information | Campus Updates