Quantitative Fundamentals Course Requirement
Incoming Class, Fall 2018

Incoming students are required to complete the Online Quantitative Fundamentals Course

Accessing the Online Course

  • Online Quant Fun Assessment
    • Register Now on the HBS site to create personal user name
    • Once you are registered in the system, you will be required to login to access the course content
    • Once logged in see the left hand navigation bar and choose Coursepacks
    • Choose the Course Section and then click Run Course Section
    • Complete the Pre-test  for these four sections of the Quantitative Fundamentals assessment, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, and Probability.
    • If your overall average is less than 75%, you need to complete the modules and take the Final Exam.
  • For your convenience, you can calculate your score by using the following Quant Fun Score Calculator

  • After completing all four Pre-tests, you can calculate your average percentage to determine if you need to complete the online modules. Add up the four scores and divide by 4.
    • If your average score is 75% or greater from the four pre-tests, you are not required to complete the modules and are not required to attend the Quantitative Review Sessions.
    • If your average is less than 75% from the four pre-tests, you must complete the module information and take the final exam for each module in which you scored 75% or below.

Student A received the following pre-test scores:

Algebra          80%
Probability     75%
Statistics       70%
Calculus        60%
Average        71.25%

Given the example above, the average of the four pre-tests is below 75%, students would work through the Statistics and Calculus modules and take both of those final exams to increase their average score.

We recommend that every student work through all four modules, but in the above example, the final exams for Algebra and Probability are NOT required.

Final averages will be calculated using the higher score between the pre-test and final exam of each module.

All students with an average score of less than 75% must attend all the sessions of the In-Person Quantitative Fundamentals Review Sessions.

In-Person Sessions

If you do not meet the 75% minimum score after completing the Pre-test and/or Final Exams, you must attend the in-person Quant Fun. Sessions.  To ensure the best preparation for students who are required to attend these sessions, spaces are limited to only those students who are required to attend.

These in-person sessions are hands-on workshops that include working through problem sets together with each other and the instructor.  Students can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the problem sets that will be used throughout the MBA curriculum and beyond.

Fulfilling this requirement includes attending both full-day sessions.

Below you will find the logistics for the in-person sessions.

Quant Fun In-person Session Logistics




Quant Fun Session 1, September 16.

Quant Fun Session 2, September 23.

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Each session will require a full-day of participation and are subject to change.

Additional Notes

  1. If you have technical difficulties accessing the course, please email HBS tech help.
  2. If you have other questions about this requirement, please contact Inger Maher, Director of Academic & Student Services.
  3. You do not need to contact Academic & Student Services when you are finished. Scores will be assessed weekly to determine who has completed the requirement.