Quantitative Fundamentals Course Requirement

Incoming Class, Fall 2022

Incoming students are required to complete the Online Quantitative Fundamentals Course


These online self-paced courses are meant to be quantitative refresher courses for our newly enrolled students in the subject areas of Algebra, Statistics, Calculus and Probability. These courses were chosen by our GSM faculty to measure our incoming students' quantitative skills and expose them to the problem sets that will be used throughout the MBA curriculum and beyond.

This is a requirement that benefits our students who have not worked with these problem sets since college. In short, this online course is a review to provide our students with the tools they need to succeed in the GSM curriculum.

While the courses are self-paced and are a review, there is a benchmark cumulative score across the courses of 75% or higher that must be achieved in order to complete this requirement.

  • If the cumulative score across the courses is less than 75%, then students will be required to take an in-person course with an instructor who will review all the problem sets again.
  • Each course will have an online course, with a pre-test and a final. If a student takes the pre-test and does not meet the bench-mark score, they have the option to try again by completing the final.  The lowest score of the pre-test or final will be dropped—only the highest score will count towards the cumulative score.
  • To be assigned to the in-person course, a student will need to complete the pre-tests and finals for each course and not meet the 75% or higher score. At that point, the student will be required to take the in-person session.
  • To ensure the best preparation for students who are required to attend these sessions, spaces are limited to only those students who are required to attend.

Accessing the Online Courses

Register to Access the Online Quantitative Fundamentals

  • Create a personal user name and password
  • Once you are registered in the Harvard Business School Publishing system, you will be required to login to access the course content using your user name and password
  • Once logged in see the left-hand navigation bar and choose Coursepacks
  • Choose the Course Section and then click Run Course Section
  • Complete the pre-test for these four sections of the Quantitative Fundamentals assessment, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, and Probability.


These in-person sessions are hands-on workshops that include working through problem sets together with each other and the instructor. Students can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the problem sets that will be used throughout the MBA curriculum and beyond.

Fulfilling this requirement includes attending both full-day sessions.

Quant Fun In-person Session Logistics



Session I: Sunday, September 11, 2022
Session II: Sunday, September 18, 2022

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Each session will require a full-day of participation and are subject to change.