Sacramento Part-Time MBA Campus Ready Plan

Fall 2021

Per state and county orders, Sacramento MBA UCDHS campus is operating under

Yellow Status: Limited Operations

last updated 08/27/2021

***The dynamic plan on this page will be updated based on guidance from university, local, state and national public health directives and orders and the collective efforts of our planning teams. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adjust to the changes.***

Keeping our community safe and healthy will require patience, consideration and empathy. We know Graduate School of Management community members are up for the challenge. As state guidance has changed, the GSM is operating under Limited Operations.

Fall 2021 Instruction

Fall instruction is scheduled to be in-person and a few classes are still available online.

Sacramento Campus COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Welcome to UC Davis Graduate School of Management. UC Davis updated its public health policy (Interim 290-01) and removed campus-specific requirements to better align with the current county, state and CDC guidance. This policy outlines requirements that all affiliates and visitors must follow, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on property owned/leased by UC Davis.

Classrooms and Instructional Settings

Face coverings are required for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

Classroom space is limited to in-person class times for instructional and event purposes only.

Entering the Building

Before you arrive at the Sacramento campus, please candidly assess how you are feeling. DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL. Err on the side of caution. Your instructors and GSM leaders will not penalize you for staying home.

While on campus, we expect you to follow these guidelines:

  • Complete the Daily Symptom Survey before arriving on campus.
  • Everyone is required to wear face coverings indoors, regardless of vaccination status.
  • For fully vaccinated people, the only time a face covering can be removed indoors is when that person is alone in an office or in a cubicle.
  • If a person is fully vaccinated, the only time a face covering can be removed indoors is when that person is alone in an office or in a cubicle.
  • If a person is unvaccinated, they must wear a face covering indoors at all times and outdoors in crowded spaces.
  • You may remove your face covering briefly to eat or drink. Eating is not allowed in classrooms, hallways, lobbies, or other public areas with the exception of removing a mask to take a quick drink. Eating is allowed in employee breakrooms, private offices, and campus dining locations. Anyone eating indoors is encouraged to maintain 6 feet of physical distance; unvaccinated individuals are required to maintain physical distance while eating or drinking in a breakroom setting. 
  • The GSM is providing the use of hand sanitizer upon entry to the building as well as providing hand sanitizing stations throughout the suite for your convenience.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
Testing update: If you are fully vaccinated

Starting September 20, fully vaccinated individuals must undergo asymptomatic testing every 14 days in order to be in compliance and gain access to campus facilities. Individuals can verify vaccine status in the following ways:

Option 1 — You can sign a consent form in the Health-e-Messaging portal to provide access to your vaccine status via the California Immunization Registry database (CAIR2). This option will quickly and automatically verify your vaccine status with the campus. Additional instructions on how to complete this option will be released on June 18. Please note that this option is available only if you received your vaccine in California.

Option 2 — Self-report through the Health-e-Messaging portal. Click on the new blue bar labeled “Enter My COVID-19 Vaccination Information” — vaccine type and date(s), and images (front and back) of your vaccine card. Your self-reported information will be verified at a later date. (If you have already submitted this information, then you should see your COVID-19 vaccination status marked “Compliant” in the “Medical Clearances” section of Health-e-Messaging.)

Testing update: If you are not fully vaccinated

For our Sacramento campus, if you are not fully vaccinated, you will be required to be tested once every four days. COVID-19 testing is available to all UC Davis students and employees. You can be tested at the Betty Irene Moore Hall and can make an appointment online.

Find other testing site locations based on your area

Requirements: All registered UC Davis students and all UC Davis employees (who receive paychecks through UCPath) are eligible for free saliva testing through the campus testing kiosks.

  • If you visit the campus, you are required to get tested at least once every four days — unless you have verified that you are fully vaccinated.
  • If you are not vaccinated and visit campus less frequently, then please plan ahead and secure a testing appointment in advance, up to four days (96 hours) before your visit. You must complete your testing appointment before your visit to other campus facilities. (If you are testing the same day as your visit, you must take your Daily Symptom Survey before and after testing in order to access the testing facility and other campus facilities). Testing availability varies each week, and same-day appointments are not guaranteed. 

For more information on campus safety guidance.

Mandatory COVID-19 Reporting

Students and employees must immediately report a COVID-19 diagnosis or confirmed COVID-19 exposures in accordance with the current protocol found on the Safety Services reporting page. A member of the COVID-19 reporting team will quickly and compassionately respond to your report with information and support.

Stay up to date

In addition to updates provided by the Graduate School of Management, UC Davis Campus also provides information and updates to the community through the following links: Campus Information | Campus Updates