UC Davis MBA: Employee Scholarship Program

For UC Davis Faculty and Staff, University of California Office of the President (UCOP), and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR)

UC Davis employees are eligible to apply for a significant scholarship that will help you achieve your dream of obtaining an MBA from our nationally ranked Part-Time program.

The Graduate School of Management offers up to 20 scholarships a year for 75% FTE or higher career employees working at UC Davis, UCOP or UCANR. Scholarships can be used for either the Sacramento Part-Time MBA program or the Bay Area Part-Time MBA program.

Interested employees should first secure the seat in the class via the general admissions process.

This scholarship program is open to new students ONLY, applying to start the program in 2024. Please note, a UC Davis Staff MBA Scholarship will be reduced by other funding students receive from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

Am I eligible?

You could be selected to receive a scholarship if you meet the following criteria:

  • Work at UC Davis, UCOP or UC ANR in a 75% FTE or higher career appointment.
  • Admitted to the UC Davis Part-Time MBA program for the upcoming academic year.
  • Strong academic background and potential.
  • Ability to enrich the management education of the MBA program.

How much are the scholarships?

If selected, you will receive:

  • For Bay Area Part-Time MBA the scholarship award is $30,000 per academic year (renewable for one year), for a total of $60,000.
  • For Sacramento Part-Time MBA the scholarship award is $25,000 per academic year (renewable for one year), for a total of $50,000.

There are 10 awards per program each year available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Read more about Bay Area MBA program costs and Sacramento MBA program costs.

How do I apply?

Start your application to UC Davis Part-Time MBA program. 

  1. In the application, under “Program Information”, select your UC Davis Affiliation: UC Davis Staff
    • Then, in the application under “Supplemental Materials”, upload these required scholarship documents:
    • 1-2-page essay on your current and future contributions to UC Davis, describing the positive impact you have already made on the community here at UC Davis, and how as an employee you would contribute to the richness of the UC Davis MBA learning environment.
  2. A letter of endorsement from your current UC Davis direct manager. (Scholarship Committee will consider the letter of recommendation submitted with your MBA application, if it was from your direct UC Davis manager.)
  3. Submit your application.