Carlos Azevedo

Facilities Manager

Carlos Azevedo is a seasoned facilities design planner and manager with an impressive track record spanning over two decades in the construction industry. With a diverse portfolio of accomplishments, Azevedo has consistently demonstrated expertise in orchestrating and overseeing a wide array of interior projects, ranging from seamless office relocations and unit consolidations to intricate interior renovations. 

Azevedo is entrusted with the critical responsibility of maintaining the operational excellence of Gallagher Hall, ensuring optimal building maintenance, custodial services, and the successful execution of special projects. 

In addition to their on-site responsibilities, Azevedo excels in collaborating with offsite locations to comprehensively address various facilities requirements. 

Azevedo’ expertise extends beyond traditional facilities management tasks. As a proficient leader, he efficiently manage the Business Office help desk workflow, meticulously overseeing each request to ensure prompt and effective resolutions. Adept at financial management, he ensures adherence to vendor payment terms, upholding the financial integrity of the organization.

Furthermore, Azevedo deftly navigates the complexities of purchasing requests, collaborating with various stakeholders to source essential supplies and services.

With an exceptional blend of construction experience, strategic acumen, and a passion for delivering excellence, Azevedo stands as a driving force behind the success of facilities operations and interior projects. Their unwavering dedication and innovative mindset continue to shape and elevate the environments in which they work.

As a visionary facilities design planner and manager, he remains committed to enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of spaces, leaving an indelible mark on every project undertaken.