Charles Ansbach


Charles Ansbach has worked with major corporations nationally and internationally representing not only their interests in discussions as donors to major nonprofits/NGOs but also in appeals for support and partnership made by community groups. In those many interactions, he learned why most corporate CSR programs fail and how to fix them. Ansbach has learned what CSR directors must do to manage their programs inside corporate structures and the practical sides of serving effectively in that role. He also was an early adopter of social entrepreneurism in the 1970s before the name of the field became popular. Ansbach created one of the top five projects for the U.S. Labor Department under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act where he demonstrated the viability of taking select people from the unemployment ranks and developing new small businesses around their skills to take them from welfare rolls to the small business tax-payer rolls of their communities. Currently, he is working with companies and nonprofits on how to form profitable social impact partnerships and on innovative banking and investment groups to design new ways to engage corporate and institutional investors in the growth of CSR and social entrepreneur partnerships for mutual benefit.

After serving nationally as a capital campaign director for Ketchum Inc. he opened Ansbach & Associates in 1985 to raise capital funding and provide management consulting for nonprofits and NGOs worldwide. Ansbach has worked with world leaders, social innovators and major individual, corporate and foundation donor/investors to maximize the impact of their community actions. He sold that firm in 2012 to Skystone Ryan Inc., a global consultancy for NGOs, where he served as a managing partner. Ansbach sits on the board of multiple companies and has created his own new firm to provide sustainability strategies for innovative nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and corporations. He was a judge on the Dell Global Challenge for social entrepreneurs, teaches action planning to USAID-sponsored business and political leaders from Eastern Europe, serves/served on multiple boards, including the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurism, University of the Pacific, Roots of Peace and Innovative Education Management. Ansbach is a contributing author to Building Strong Nonprofits, published by Wiley, 2010, and The Handbook of Persuasion and Social Marketing, published by Praeger, 2014. He is a global trainer/speaker on issues impacting the field.