Chris Jackson MBA 02

Chris Jackson MBA 02
CEO of Venture-Backed Technology Firm


  • Currently CEO of venture-backed technology firm, intellectual-property based advanced vision and imaging systems.
  • Leader: Global technology Fortune 100 firms in silicon design engineering, global technology marketing, manufacturing, corporate strategy.
  • Founder & CEO of technology firm for data centers and corporate networks.
  • Founder & CEO of software firm for large scale agriculture and data analytics.
  • Chief Technology Officer overseeing cyber-security and all technology systems for Wall Street firms.
  • Vice President in strategy & technology for global offshoring/outsourcing firm.
  • Director and Fundraising Chair, UC Davis Graduate School of Management Alumni Association.


  • Physics graduate school fellowships at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (1996), Stanford Linear Accelerator (1995), FermiLab National Accelerator Center (1989)
  • B.S., Physics (California State University) 1996


  • I was born with a small region of my brain missing, but I don’t ever notice.

  • When I am done, I will have raised babies for about 50 years straight.  Like, baby-babies, not adult children who are 50.

  • My physics lab at Lawrence Livermore National Lab created the camera that sees through your clothes at airports (and electromagnetic pulse weapons. It’s a related nature of the Universe.  You just turn the dial to 11, that’s all.).

“I chose UC Davis because the University of California is a top, world-leading brand name, and UC Davis is a world-leader in biotechnology and agriculture. UC Davis is also close to the government, which oversees the fifth-largest world economy, and it is proximal to the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem. All are elements that I could build into my own personal career by attending UC Davis and accessing its attendant network.”