Cindy Liu MBA 23

Assistant Director

I was surprised by the amount of information available to the public on the UC Davis GSM website when I was researching MBA programs. All admission teams, career development teams, and student ambassadors were available to me when I needed to decide. Also, I was able to look into the historical offering courses instead of just course titles. When I chose to join UC Davis, I was confident about the academic aspects, the career resources, and the cultural diversity.

Previous Degree(s) and School(s)

  • Earth System Science - UC Irvine

Previous Work Experience

  • Co-Founder, XIXIXI
  • Patient Coordinator, Life IVF Center
  • Sales and Marketing Representative, Piano Empire, Inc.

Fun Facts

  • I love cooking and watching cooking videos. 
  • I have a 4-year-old white labrador 'puppy'.
  • I carry my camera everywhere and love to take pictures of nature and the people around me.