Joaquin Carretero Martinez MSBA 24

UC Davis is known for being top-notch in Business Analytics, so it felt like the right fit for where I want to head next.

Over the last two years i became a Software Engineering Lead at Meta and quickly realized how important it is having a business analytical background to back up your projects. Having a great solution that saves millions of dollars is not enough for trillion-dollar companies, they need to fully understand the short term vs long term impact of your solution as well as proving with statistics if it satisfies a real business need.

I decided to enroll on a Masters of Science in Business Analytics at UC Davis to be able to keep expanding my leadership knowledge. While most enroll on such Masters to become a Business Analyst, I plan to utilize my degree as a tool to enhance my leadership skills to get the support I need from those at stake.

Professional Experience

  • Software Engineer Lead, Meta
  • Senior Software Automation Engineer, NASA
  • Software Automation Engineer, Phillips
  • Machine Learning Engineer, Uniquify

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Career Development Lead, Directors' Student Advisory Committee, UC Davis Graduate School of Management


  • Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of New Mexico

Fun Facts

  • I am from Spain but I grew up in Equatorial Guinea, Africa.
  • My passion for 3D printing lead me to create my own Startup.
  • I am creating an Augmented Reality Museum to show Art in Golden Gate Part.