Lifu Ma MSBA 23

I cannot imagine a better place for me to start my graduate study than San Francisco! Also, the faculty is so nice and they helped me a lot before I came to the U.S. Go Aggies!!

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Student Union membership: DSAC Curriculum team
  • Student Union Vice-president: Vice president in charge of club-union team and study club
  • Club membership: Alumni Liaison Department

Previous Education

  • Bachelors, Auditing, Nanjing Audit University

Previous Work Experience

  • Intern Auditor, Assurance department, EY

Fun Facts

  • I really love singing, and I never missed any campus singer competitions in my senior high school and college. I rehearsed my songs seriously each time. 
  • I'm crazy about learning languages. Besides English and Mandarin, I can also speak Japanese and German.
  • I am not good at sports, but keen to try. When I learned how to play soccer, I even practiced at 10:00 p.m.