Madhur Singh MPAc 22

MPAc Ambassador

The MPAc program has not only prepared me for professional advancement but it has also given me a close-knit community that I know I can always count on. MPAC’s dedication to its students is remarkable and I am so lucky to be a part of a program that truly cares about each and every one of its students.

Previous Degree

  • B.A. in economics and B.A. in psychology, minor in communication studies, University of California, Davis.

Previous Work Experience

  • Accounting Intern: Drove forecast accuracy & improved resource allocation by providing variance analysis and metric reporting for budgets. Responsible for creating reports to analyze costs and profitability of the various revenue segments., preparing accurate and timely invoices, and evaluating expense reports.
  • Healthcare Consultant: Conducted risk-based payment audits to identify underpaid hospital claims resulting in recovery of large dollars in hospital revenue. Served as the Second Lead for a hospital system by overseeing internal processes to meet project goals.

Fun Facts

  • I moved a lot while growing up. I moved 9 times and attended ten different schools before graduating high school.
  • I love baking and I even worked for a small home bakery.
  • Friends is my favorite TV show. I have watched every episode an embarrassing number of times.