Sasha Novikov MBA 23

Online MBA Ambassador

"It's awesome to see how useful every course is in my day-to-day work! Every professor is so highly engaged and brilliant and my fellow classmates are fascinating people. I look forward to attending class every week. Having the flexibility of an online program is wonderful, and because MBA@UCDavis was designed to be online, there is very little "clunkiness." The LMS is fantastic, the course material is engaging, and it's a perfect mix of challenging/rigorous material that you know is preparing you for real life situations—but is still comprehensible and fun."


  • B.A., American studies, UC Davis


  • CS Strategic Programs Manager, Slack
  • Gainsight Solution Architect, LinkedIn
  • Implementation Consultant, LinkedIn

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Student advisor

Fun Facts

  • My family are Russian immigrants.
  • I have a small dog named Boris who is the light of my life.
  • I'm a tech enthusiast with an obsession for user-centric design and a customer-first mindset.