Yuthika Agarwalla MSBA 21

DSAC Career Committee

“I chose the MSBA program at UC Davis because of the carefully curated curriculum that focused on imparting the knowledge in a cohesive way. It’s very systematically created so that everything ‘clicks’ into place at the end. That click is highly gratifying.”

Professional Experience

  • Data Analyst, Snowflake 

Student Leadership and Experience

  • DSAC Career Committee, UC Davis Graduate School of Management
  • Marketing Manager, Gratis, San Jose State University
  • Research Assistant, Dept. of Information and Technology, SJSU Research Foundation
  • TA, Fundamentals of MIS 


  • B.S. in Management Information Systems, minor in Computer Science, San Jose State University  

Fun Facts

  • I love teaching, so in a parallel universe, I would be a 2nd-grade teacher in a small town.
  • In my free time, I am a creative writer, dancer, badminton player, dog mom, and burrito lover.