Yuval Braeman MBA 24

Director of Yield Management

I grew up in Davis and never thought I would attend UC Davis. But when I started researching graduate schools, I loved that the GSM offered a small, close-knit community in my hometown. As I've grown older, I've learned to appreciate more the town, way of life here, and the incredible amount of food and agriculture industry that we have in the area.

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Director of Yield Management for the ambassador program
  • Applied for Academic Liaison to the ASM board

Previous Education

  • Dual bachelor's degree in psychology and linguistics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Previous Work Experience

  • Assistant general manager at Upper Crust Baking
  • Operations officer, IDF

Fun Facts

  • I've been a vegetarian since childhood (by choice).
  • I love to cook and read fiction books.
  • I went to high school in Davis and never thought I would go to UC Davis!