Zichun Wang MBA 23


My goal is in the food-restaurant industry. UCD has the most resources, connections, and opportunities to help me achieve my goal. 

LinkedIn Profile

Student Leadership Experience

  • UCR CSSA: Director of Activity Department

Previous Degree(s) and School(s)

University of California, Riverside. Business Analytic & Economic

Previous Work Experience

  • Co-Founder and Investor, Shogun Restaurant
  • Campus Ambassador, Overseas Student Service Corp
  • Business Analytic & Marketing, IBM
  • Sale Associate, HaiMa Automobile Company
  • Part Time Assistant, Goldman Sachs

Fun Facts

  • I have been doing intermittent fasting, (One meal per day) for over 6 years.
  • I love reading, especially psychology, philosophy, and critical thinking. Sometimes, I hope I can do nothing but just read.
  • I love predicting while watching movies. Guessing the ending and what will happen next.