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New Children's Book, Behind the Mask of COVID-19 for Kids, Now Available

MBA alumna Aimee Carroll presents her debut children's book, Behind the Mask of COVID-19 for Kids. This illustrated children’s book provides a simple and easy-to-understand explanation of the virus and the pandemic.

Portrait of Kim Elsbach

The Deep Divide: How Can America Heal?

With deep political division across the country, Professor Kimberly Elsbach explains to CBS13 why many people choose to identify with smaller, like-minded groups.

Robinhood app

Robinhood Faces Legal Action Over 'Gamification' of Investing

Following news of recent legal action in Massachusetts, professor Brad Barber tells the Financial Times how the popular investment app, Robinhood blurs the boundaries between an easy-to-use customer interface and gamification.

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What Effect is Brokerage Robinhood Having on Stock Market?

New research from Professor Brad Barber notes half of Robinhood users are first-time investors. And they tend to be drawn to “attention-grabbing” stocks in the news.

Mask Makers group with medical staff in Folsom

Folsom Mask Makers Keep on Sewing as Pandemic Continues

Dignity Health Director of Nursing and MBA student Paige Greaves bumps elbows with local boys scouts, Liam, Ryan and Myra Harris—all children of Sacramento Part-Time MBA student Matt Harris—after they delivered masks to the hospital.

UC Hastings School of Law Campus

UC Hastings Mixed-Use Complex to be an Innovation Hub

Law students at UC Hastings, medical students from UC San Francisco and Master of Science in Business Analytics students from UC Davis will be able to share space and foster common study ground in a new $282 million mixed-use complex.

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Politicians Eat Own Words After Dining Out, Taking Trips

Following the recent scandals around California politicians dining out, Professor Kim Elsbach says consistency is critical to believing someone has integrity.

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L.A. County Health Director Seeing 'Terrifying Increases' in COVID-19 Cases

Professor Kim Elsbach discusses long-term effects of high profile California politicians, including the Governor and San Francisco Mayor, defying their own health advice by dining out in groups. Does such behavior undermine public trust in coronavirus guidelines?


Restaurant Jaunts Create Credibility Issue for Politicians

In several media interviews, Professor Kim Elsbach discusses the long-term effects of high-profile California politicians, including the Governor and San Francisco Mayor, defying their health advice by dining out in groups.

Suzy Taherian headshot at Wrightspeed

Women Leading The Finance Industry: “Talk to Your Children About Credit Cards” with Suzy Taherian of Wrightspeed

Lecturer Suzy Taherian sits down with Authority Magazine as part of their strong female finance leaders series. Taherian recently became Chief Financial Officer at Wrightspeed, an innovative company that is driving the range extended electric powe

Inventopia graphic

Council OKs Loan to Local Business Incubator

Inventopia—a Davis startup incubator launched by UC Davis Graduate School of Management alum Tim Keller—recently landed a $100,000 city loan to add specialized space needed by local entrepreneurs and new ventures.

Paul Griffin at the Victoria University of Wellington

Do Firms Experiencing More Wildfires Disclose More Wildfire Information in their 10-Ks?

Wildfires pose a significant risk that threatens firm value and this risk has increased in recent years with the record-breaking wildfires in the United States and elsewhere.

Crossover SUV

Crossovers Conquer America as Top SUV Sales Triple in a Decade

Professor David Bunch notes a spike in sales of hybrid electric sedans in 2008, when gas prices were high. But since then, gas prices have generally stayed low, and trends have led to an increase in demand for crossover vehicles and SUVs.

"Some (but perhaps not all) is a bit of a mirage due to the continually shifting definition of what constitutes an SUV," said Bunch.

Google search on phone

Google Antitrust Case Suggests Apple Should Be in Crosshairs Too

A leading expert in platform markets, Professor Hemant Bhargava believes the Google-Apple search agreement seems more like a damning indictment of Apple’s own potentially illegal business practices.

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Cell Phone Savings Calculator, Best Plans for iPhone Users

With the iPhone 12 unveiling, Professor Hemant Bhargava discusses the impact of Apple's new "iPhone every year" plan, and the range of plan contracts and coverages.


Loss of Professor Emeritus Richard Dorf

Virtual service on November 8 for academic leader, innovator, philanthropist

During his distinguished academic career, Professor Richard Dorf was a prolific author, generous philanthropist and a leading expert in entrepreneurship and innovation.


De-Risking Your Portfolio Without Giving Up on Strong Returns

Professor Brad Barber details underperformance of individual investors and how they can fall victim to what J.D. Gardner termed, 'behavior gap in investing.'

Profile photo of Cyrus Aram

Five Things You Need to be a Highly Effective Leader During Turbulent Times

UC Davis Graduate School of Management Lecturer Cyrus Aram shares his story, his lessons, his mentor and more in this Q&A with Authority Magazine's Charlie Katz.

Crying on a Zoom call

Crying at Work Can Be Even Worse Now, Thanks, Zoom

In smaller video meetings where everyone is expected to show their face, “everybody is sort of equally visible,” says Professor Kimberly Elsbach who studies crying at work.


Evaluating New Tech? You’re More Biased Than You May Realize

Let the best tech win! Professor Kim Elsbach says leaders' unconscious ideas about new tech can lead to poor investment decisions.